I make photographs with an unconventional approach to the silver-gelatin process that employ various toning and post development processes. Some photographs are printed on traditional fiber based papers while others are printed on emulsion treated canvas. Rather than being a window into another world, I create photographs that are objects in their own right and unreproducible. While many of my photographs are very abstract others are distinct in their subject matter. The approach to their creation however is very similar. I like that the individual viewer can make their own subjective associations rather than be guided to a preconceived conclusion.

Moonlight is the beginning of a new series of photographs produced using digital technology.


Praterinsel, Munich, Germany - Exhibition Catalog

Munchner, Merkur - Exhibition Review

Photo Technik International - Germany 

HQ Magazine - Germany

Polaroid P Magazine - Europe Wide Publication

Schwartzweiss, Munich, Germany

Marie Claire, Germany

(Not only) Black+White, Australia

PH Magazine, Canada

Enamored Magazine, USA


El Cabrito, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

Praterinsel, Munich, Germany

Foto Factory, Munich, Germany

Gallery Sarajo, Munich, Germany

Gallery Kayafas, Boston MA



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